Air Handling Unit Refurbishment

Drawing on over 50 years of heat exchanger design technology, Dravo are now able to offer a range of super efficient, indirect gas fired heater modules. From 10 to 800 kW heat output, the units have operating efficiencies of up to 105% (nett calorific value).

The advantages of refurbishment as opposed to replacement:

COST: Significant cost saving will be achieved when compared to complete AHU replacement, dramatically reducing project payback periods.

SIMPLICITY: Many AHU’s are located such, that complete replacement cannot be achieved without major disruption to the daily operation of the business. Dravo’s compact modular heat exchangers however, can be fitted via conventional routes, during working hours, with no need for ‘down time’.

SEEN TO BE GREEN: Many of the components, in even the most tired of AHU’s, are fit for further use, therefore to re-use rather than to replace makes great sense. Dampers, fans, casework etc, can all have years of useful service left, and a simple chamber upgrade may be all that is needed.

ELECTRICAL UPGRADES: Update controls to conform to current electrical and building regulations. Provide close control, to further improve overall operating efficiency and reduce wasted energy.

Heat exchangers provided by Dravo, are the choice of many of the UK’s leading and best known companies.

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