Dravo introduce new Condensaire heating modules

Condensaire range of gas fired condensing heating modules for installation into air handling units. The new narrow design is also ideal for replacing steam and hot water coils in existing air handling units and plenum systems to enable change-over from central boiler plant to decentralised gas fired systems.

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Condensing Technology is the solution

Enforcement of the Climate Change Bill and Carbon Reduction Committee, has necessitated a new way of thinking for businesses. Coupled with increasing concerns over rising fuel costs and environmental issues for everyone, there has never been a better time to take advantage of condensing pre-mix burner technology.

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Air handling units join high efficiency range

Dravo has added a range of air handling units to its range of high efficiency condensing AM Plus gas fired unit heaters and PCH heating modules

PCH heating modules range from 10 to 800kW heat output. They are inserted into air handling units and are already used by companies and organisations such as Vodaphone Warehouse Newark, Job Centre Plus, Ilford and Debenhams at Golden Square Shopping Centre, Warrington.

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